Pole dance FAQpoledance

Q – If I have never Pole Danced before, what classes should I start with?
A РAll our classes are the perfect introduction to Pole Dance, suitable for absolute beginners.  Check class descriptions and Pricing & Packages for more info.

Q – What do you wear to class?
A РWear something you are comfortable in so you can freely move around. Shorts, tank top or sports bra & leg warmers or knee pads might be a good choice.
Please don’t wear any lotions/moisturizers or perfumes on the day of your pole class. These will make the pole slippery.
Be sure to bring a bottle of water and leave your jewellery at home.

Q – Who can attend a Pole Dance Class?
A – Any woman of any age or fitness level, with or without any previous dance experience is welcome try a Pole Dance class. You are never too old or too out of shape to get started. Our classes are designed to suit the needs and abilities of all women, encouraging you to progress at your own rate. If you are under age of 18 years please get a permission from your parents or guardians.
Women with the following conditions should not participate without an official written permission of the doctor: Back problems, Heart problems, Pregnancy, previous or current muscle injury.

Q – Do I need to sign up for a class or can I just drop in?
A – Registration is highly recommended for all of our classes. Classes fill up quickly, so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to ensure your spot in class. We do accept walk in students if there is an open space in class.

Q – Can I still participate if I have no upper body strength?
A – Absolutely. Our classes are designed to get your stronger, safely & quickly. With a focus on upper body & core strengthening and conditioning in all of our classes, you can feel a change in your strength in a matter of weeks.

Q – Do I need a dance background?
A – No dance background is necessary. You will learn everything you need to know in our classes.
Most of our classes involve some dance, light choreography, coordination & expression. Our instructor comes from a trained dance background, so she will be able to help you learn to move like a dancer.

Q – How many students are in each class and how long are the classes?
A – Pole Classes has limit of max. 5 student what gives you an opportunity to progress faster in a small groups. Flexibility class has a limit of max. 12 students. All classes are 75 min (1 hour 15 min) long.

Q – What if I have taken pole classes at another studio?

A – Each studio has a unique approach to pole dance and fitness and not all levels throughout the studios are standard across the board. We recommend taking a class in your current level or lower to see where your best fit would be based on your ability.