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Buy Poledancing Poles in Malta

We are glad to announce that “Pole Fairies” is not only offering Pole Dance classes in Malta, but also became an authorized Reseller of X-Pole – World Leader Pole Products Producer. Read more about different types of poles and our best price guarantee. You can find the whole catalogue of X-Pole Products on offer HERE.

X-Pole offers hassle free products and thats why we recommend their products:

  • No ceiling fixing required
  • Bottom loading – no ladder required
  • One person can assemble & disassemble in minutes
  • Completely portable, with carry cases included
  • Exceptional value for money
  • The world’s best pole!
  • International Product Support
  • Used by the World’s Best


When you order your Pole Dancing Pole, Pole Stage or any other Pole Dance Product offered by X-Pole from “Pole Fairies” Malta we GUARANTEE TOTAL BEST PRICE INCLUDING DELIVERY TO MALTA and hasle free delivery to your door!

How is it possible?

As a pole dance studio and official X-Pole Reseller we can get all products on offer for special prices and will be glad to quote them for you too.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about exorbitant delivery costs to Malta. “Pole Fairies” cooperated with number of logistics companies enabling us to get lowest possible shipping rates for poles from UK to Malta.


X-POLE XPert Set 45mm Chrome

Price when buying directly from X-Pole UK: £199.99 (± €275) + £62,50 delivery (± €86) = €361

Total price when buying from “Pole Fairies” Malta incl. delivery to your door: ONLY €299

Please send us what type of pole you would like to order as well as your ceiling height and we will quote you best in Malta total price including delivery as well as availability.
Allorders must be paid in advance via paypal or in cash!

X-Pole Dancing Poles Characteristics

Two main pole types

There are two distinct types of pole – spinning and static.

Static only or SPORT poles are fixed and don’t rotate. They are the best options for beginners and are a bit cheaper than spinning or combination poles.

Spinning (also called XPERT or combination poles) poles are the best of both worlds as they can be set to rotate and also be fixed in position like a static pole. This allows for more advanced moves which you may want to perform as you become more experienced with pole dancing, but they are a bit more expensive.

X-Pole Sport Static PoleX-Pole XPERT Spinning Pole

Diameters of poles

There are three most common pole diameters:

  • 40mm
  • 45mm
  • 50mm

When buying a pole choosing a right diameter is quite important. The most common size used in pole studios and during competitions nowadays is 45mm and it should be the perfect size for most of you. However, if you are really small and have very small hands, 40mm poles might be a better option. 50mm poles will be perfect for those who have big hands.


All X-Pole dancing poles have by deafault extendable height from 2235mm (7’ 4”)   to 2745mm (9’), meaning that if your ceiling has a minimum height of 2,235m and is lower than 2,745m standard pole set will fit into your place perfectly. Those having higher ceilings can order special Pole Extension for an extra cost together with standard pole sets in order to fit the pole.

Pole Coating

X-Pole offers poledancing poles with following coatings:

  • Chrome – Chrome poles are the most common poles used both by beginners and professionals. They have silver color and shiny appearance. Chrome could be considered as a bit more grippy than stainless steel.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel polished finish is perfect for users who struggle or have allergies with materials such as chrome. The stainless steel pole comes polished, making it great for spins and when performing inverted tricks. This material is at its optimal state in humid conditions.
  • Titanium Gold – TG poles are stickier than chrome, but not as sticky as brass.  They are plated with titanium and coated with gold coloring.  The coloring may eventually wear off but this does not affect the plating or the enhanced grip of the pole according to the Producer.
  • Brass – Brass poles are the grippiest metal poles among all existing ones and gold in color. They are good for those with sweaty hands, but in hot humid climates as Malta the grip can be a little TOO good and cause pole burns. Brass scratches and dings easily since it is a softer metal and requires special care as it tarnishes.
  • Powder – X-POLE’s Powder Coated poles are offered in two finishes; Black & Pink. The pole is VERY sticky and is only recommended for those who struggle for grip on traditional metal poles.
  • Silicone – These are X-POLE’s Chinese Style poles which allow you to execute pole tricks without having skin contact with the pole, which simply means poling with your clothes on! This is great for beginners who want to build up their strength but do not want to take their clothing off. The silicone is placed onto the pole using a unique method and is a soft spongy material which can take the impact of hardcore moves.